Innovation and advanced engineering ensures unrivalled quality

Technical expertise and experience, innovative design, leading-edge engineering and sophisticated computerised production technology combine to position Zuidberg Westtrack as the premier provider of quality rubber track systems in a very specialised market. Your Lynx Engineering advisor will work closely with you and the Zuidberg Westtrack engineers to ensure that the track systems are perfectly matched to your machine and application. The most effective and practical solution can often be achieved using standard components from the Zuidberg Westtrack product range.

Two different drive systems

Zuidberg Westtrack systems are available with a choice of two different drive systems.

Negative Drive System

These steel track systems are suitable for heavy weights and low speeds. They are mainly used for vehicles in the construction and agricultural sector, and for military purposes. The gear drives a chain with profiled steel sheets. The tracks can optionally be fitted with rubber pads. The track systems are also suitable for lighter applications. The drive chain is fully incorporated in the rubber tracks, preventing the tracks from
slipping. Maximum speed is 12 km/h.

Positive Drive System

The insides of the track systems are fitted with drive cams, which slot into the recesses in the drive wheel. The cams are used both for driving and steering. This reverse chain drive prevents the drive wheel from slipping. As less force is required to tension the tracks, tensioning systems and the frame can be relatively light. The rubber drive cams also provide a low-noise solution. Maximum speed is 20 km/h.




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