Pallet fork H

Optionally equipped with pallet forks H 900 mm and H 1200 mm.

Pallet fork H - Specifications
Pallet fork H Lifting capacity kg Tine mm Weight
Pallet fork H
1,000 900 150
1,000 1,200 190
Frame H
Pallet tine H
900 40
1,200 60

Pallet fork HS

Thanks to the beveled design of the back of the frame, the forks are easily adjustable and comparable with fork lift handling. The pallet fork HS can be equipped with pallet forks HS 900 mm and HS 1200 mm. The frame can also be equipped with bale tines HS.

Pallet fork HS - Specifications
Pallet fork HS Lifting capacity kg Tine mm Weight
Pallet fork HS
2,000 900 175
2,000 1,200 221
Frame HS
Pallet tine HS
900 43
1,200 66

Top loading grip

The Stoll top loading grip is an accessory for the Stoll pallet fork and is used for the loading of trunks up to a maximum length of 3 metres.

Top loading grip - Specifications
Top loading grip Weight
For use with pallet fork HS (to be ordered separately).
Hydraulic control circuit required

Pallet fork HS1500

For pallet fork tines and four additional holding fixtures for heavy duty tines (bale spike).

Pallet fork HS1500 - Specifications
Pallet fork H Tine mm Weight
Pallet fork HS 1500
900 185
1,200 200
Frame HS
Pallet tine HS
900 43
1,200 66
For pallet fork tines plus 4 slots for heavy-duty tines (bale spike)

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