Bucket rangeDesigned for maximum load/unload efficiency

The quality and attention-to-detail that is evident in every element of the Stoll loader's construction extends to the range of Stoll 'Robust' buckets. For example, 'Robust' buckets feature a tapered shaping type opening to their leading edge. This helps to make the job at hand easier, especially when working with sticky materials, as the load will be released more easily from the bucket.




Made from fine-grain steelMade from premium, fine-grained steel

All 'Robust' buckets are constructed for maximum stability and wear-resistance. The base plate, side walls and back plate are made of fine-grained steel - the same material that Stoll has been using for many years for its innovative front loaders. The illustration shows the design geometry for the Robust S earth bucket. Base and back plates are made of a single sheet. Additional end-to-end welded reinforcements give excellent rigidity for hard daily loader operation. The bottom plate has cross beams underneath to resist bending.

Leading edge in HARDOX 500 SteelLeading edge in HARDOX 500 steel

One of the areas on all loader buckets that takes the most punishment is the leading edge. This is where the bucket cuts into the material and is the part of the bucket which is most likely to make contact with the ground surface. For these reasons, the leading edge of Stoll 'Robust' buckets is made of Hardox 500 – a premium steel with material thicknesses of 16 and 20mm. Hardox 500 steel is highly wear-resistant with outstanding durability proven across a wide range of applications over many years.

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